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I like it rough and hard & to be dominated in the bedroom Profile Of Rose

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I'm a female
I'm 38 Y/O
Looking for Wild hard sex
Marital Status: Married & bored
Tagged in: ,
My Best Features: Boobs lol

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I like it rough and hard & to be dominated in the bedroom

Soft and light sex was never the real deal for me! I always liked it rough and wild, I’ve always found it to be way sexier than romantic movies or erotic scenes… I love to get fucked hard and well and in this ad I am searching for studs who would do it! I live in Keswick, and if there is any stud in the town who feels like he could do me in real hardcore style with some BDSM elements and humiliation involved that’d be amazing and it would mean the world to me! When I ask this from guys that I meet in the bar they usually think I’m crazy, but actually this is what truly turns me on no matter how weird it may sound!

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